Though the tundra may seem like a dull and uniform landscape from afar, upon closer inspection there is a rich and colorful world of mosses, lichen and flowers. The tundra has low plant diversity (around 400 vascular species), but the flowers are abundant, colorful, and exceptionally showy. Their remarkable showiness is most likely due to […]

“Like other landscapes that initially appear barren, arctic tundra can open suddenly, like the corolla of a flower, when any intimacy with it is sought. One begins to notice spots of brilliant red, orange, and green, for example, among the monotonic browns of a tundra tussock…It is a region, like the desert, rich with metaphor, […]

The Gila, located in southern New Mexico, is home to the United States’ first federally-designated wilderness area. It’s an enchanting place full of mountains, canyons, cliff dwellings and hot springs that one could explore for weeks on end. March 2013 The first time I went to the Gila I got into a terrible car accident […]